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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For Lotipa to work, the website needs to collect, process and store data. Below is a simple overview of what happens to your personal information when you visit Lotipa. Personal information is any data with which you can be personally identified. Detailed information on the subject of data protection can be found in our privacy policy.

General inquiries

Who is responsible for data collection on this website? The data collected on this website is processed by the website operator. The operator's contact details can be found in the website's legal notice.

Data collect

Some data is collected when you provide it directly to Lotipa. This could be, for example, data entered into a contact form. Other data is automatically collected by IT systems when you visit the website. This data is mainly technical data, such as the browser and operating system you are using or when you accessed the page. This data is collected automatically as soon as you enter our website.

What do we use your data for?

Part of the data is collected to ensure the proper functioning of the website. Other data may be used to analyze how visitors use the site to optimize content. Third-party advertisers may use the data to measure the results of running campaigns.

Analytics and third-party tools

When visiting our website, statistical analysis of your browsing behavior may be carried out. This mainly happens using cookies and analytics. The analysis of your browsing behavior is generally anonymous, that is, Lotipa will not be able to identify you from this data. You can object to this review or prevent it by not using certain tools. This page will inform you below on how to exercise your options in this regard.

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