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A design studio based in Brazil, plays a crucial role in creating brands and environments since 2016. Originally known as Logotipoaria Studio, the company chose to simplify its identity, reflecting a search for new perspectives. Under the guidance of experienced architect and designer Antoniel Felaínne, Lotipa expertly unites brand design and enterprise architecture for tangible results. His team collaborates in several regions of Brazil, operating in a contemporary and virtual way.

Studio Lotipa’s expertise covers both strategic visual aspects and the understanding of brand-public interaction points. Through varied solutions, the studio captures the brand’s purpose through elements such as space, colors, shapes and textures.

In the ever-evolving landscape, the Lotipa studio stands out as a creative and strategic force, showing how the intersection between design, architecture and brand vision can result in authentic and lasting experiences for customers and audiences.

Behind the studio.

Antoniel Felainne

Architecture and Branding

He has been working with brand creation since 2012, signed and supervised, with works spread throughout Brazil and abroad. 

We unite architecture and design based on real results, idealizing the design of brands with the power of corporate architecture, with targeted strategies .

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